The Super Warren! Tee


Earth. Wind. Fire. Water. Heart. By your renewable energy, restructured finances, and reinvigorated healthcare combined, she is Elizabeth Warren.

The power is ours, when she has a plan for that, which she does. Cheer her on. It’s 2020.

*Grump Merch will contribute 5% of the profit from this sale towards Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 Presidential campaign. Persist.

Show everyone that you believe in taking a stand for what’s right for your country. Our bold t-shirts, which speak volumes about you and who you are, fit perfectly in your closet’s “I give a damn.” section.

So comfy to wear and the perfect way to say you care.

  • Comfortable lightweight fabric that lets your soul breathe.
  • 100% cotton and cotton-poly blend materials feel great through long days and happy days.
  • Classic unisex fit that goes with literally anything else you own.
  • Fully machine washable like everything should be.
  • Make sure you go vote on November 3, 2020. Our country’s future literally counts on you.


We are not afraid of taking a stand. We want to help the people you love to increase the impact they can make. Therefore, we donate 5% of our profits from each sale to political candidates that support an America for everyone.