The I Love Bernie! Pack


Choo-choo! All aboard the Bernie train! It’s got love, it’s got passion, it’s got people rallying together for change, and we’re all in. Hop on, spread the word, and save some of your hard-earned moolah with the Bernie value pack! All Bernie, all you, all fire.

*Grump Merch will contribute 5% of the profit from this sale towards Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Presidential campaign. Not me. Us.

In this super-saver bundle, you receive one each of:

  • The Super Bernie! Tee
  • The Super Bernie! ankle sock
  • The Super Bernie! crew sock
  • The Super Bernie! color changing mug

Show everyone that you believe in taking a stand for what’s right for your country. Our fearless, vibrant, and bold bundles, which speak volumes about you and who you are, are the perfect way to say, “I give a damn.”

Make sure you go vote on November 3, 2020. Our country’s future literally counts on you.

We are not afraid of taking a stand. We want to help the people you love to increase the impact they can make. Therefore, we donate 5% of our profits from each sale to political candidates that support an America for everyone.