The I Love Warren! Pack


She’s got guts. She’s got fight. She thinks at the speed of light. By now, you’re very familiar with Warren’s Law:

“If it exists, Warren has a plan for it.”

…and now you do too, stand loud and proud with our Warren value pack, sweet merch with some sweet savings.

*Grump Merch will contribute 5% of the profit from this sale towards Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 Presidential campaign. Persist.

In this super-saver bundle, you receive one each of:

  • The Super Warren! Tee
  • The Super Warren! ankle sock
  • The Super Warren! crew sock
  • The Super Warren! color changing mug

Show everyone that you believe in taking a stand for what’s right for your country. Our fearless, vibrant, and bold bundles, which speak volumes about you and who you are, are the perfect way to say, “I give a damn.”

Make sure you go vote on November 3, 2020. Our country’s future literally counts on you.

We are not afraid of taking a stand. We want to help the people you love to increase the impact they can make. Therefore, we donate 5% of our profits from each sale to political candidates that support an America for everyone.