Super Warren! Color Changing Mug


Only 200 ever made. Get yours now before they're gone forever.

Warren is so hot right now. Hot on equal rights, hot on creating new jobs, hot on protecting our environment. Add some hot liquid to this mug and watch Warren transform into the superhero she is.

What do you get for the person that has everything? Our original artist-created exclusive designs make our socks, mugs, and t-shirts the most sought after and never seen before gifts. So comfy to wear and the perfect way to say you care.

  • Adorably funny packaging: “I was mugged by the media.” – President Donald J. Trump on Fox News - hilarious actual quote on every box, making our mugs the perfect gifts!
  • This Porcelain mug has the special ability to change color in hot water.
  • Please note: Our color changing mugs are not recommended for dishwasher or microwave use, as the extreme temperatures damage the thermally-sensitive inks on the mug. Please hand wash with dish soap and warm water only.
  • Ah, ’tis but a mug after all. One for the classics, this mug enjoys the simple things in life. A hot bath, a warm drink, a happy snuggle. You’ll fall asleep in the safe serenity of its secure embrace. They’ll write sonnets to your legacy. You get the picture, this mug’s a keeper.
  • All of our mugs, socks, and t-shirts are based on parodies of actual photos of Senator Elizabeth Warren.